Our stud

Our Stud 

A few years ago Stal de Lagevoort purchased a new location. We have built a new stable with 28 boxes, washing place, reception room, tack room and an indoor arena. There is a barn with group housing of eleven large groupboxes. Especially ideal for the young horses and ponies in the winter. In the summer they are used for the mares that have to foal. Media 2010 we realized another stable where the ponies can live in groups. There is a stallion barn, a covered horse walker and an outdoor arena. We have ga lot of space on a plot of nearly 20 acres, so the horses can optimally life as it’s best for them. It also gives us the best opportunity to welcome mares for covering and we can offer for everyone interested in a high quality Shetland Pony, Frisian horse Haflinger or Schwarzwalder.

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